Washington Plucks Christmas Victory from Defeat

Just before the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the various colonies had sent delegates to Philadelphia to discuss the situation. This body was called the First Continental Congress. In May,1775, the Second Continental Congress met. It was only a body of delegates, but it became the government of the league of colonies and elected George Washington … Continue reading Washington Plucks Christmas Victory from Defeat

Liner and the Rocks

I never thought that building a pond would take so much time. But it has really been rewarding.  My family came over and helped to place the liner. Rocks and gravel were delivered and now the challenge is placing the 300-400 lb rocks.             Once the rock is placed, the liner can be trimmed.  … Continue reading Liner and the Rocks

Aquaponics . . . Just BIGGER!

I've always wanted a Koi Pond, so after experimenting with my small aquaponics system, I've decided to go big.  I'm going to try to keep a pictoral record of the construction progress of my full sized aquaponics koi pond.  I've been researching this for the last two years and started digging last month . . … Continue reading Aquaponics . . . Just BIGGER!

Aquaponics . . . A Work in Progress & A Great Hobby!

"Aquaponics . . . what in the world is that?" It is the question that I get all the time when people first see the raised garden grow-beds sitting above two 50 gallon water tanks powered by eight beautiful little Koi.  I'm about two and a half months into my aquaponics gardening experiment.  Aquaponics is a system … Continue reading Aquaponics . . . A Work in Progress & A Great Hobby!

Aquaponics . . . my first attempt

After doing a great deal of reading I decided to put my Koi to work.  My wife was tired of the fish smell from the fish tank in my office at home.  So, the two 50 gallon water troughs that weren't in use in the barn became the new home for my 9 koi and … Continue reading Aquaponics . . . my first attempt