Rapier & Dagger – My Favorite Fighting Style

This evening, I did some sparing with my sword-master, Greg. I loved every minute of it.

After finishing the chores at home, completing the left over charting from the office today, I thought I would watch a few sparing clips, thinking about what I learned while sparing. One of the clips is the duel scene between D’artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) and Felix (Sean Cearnew).

“What’s the most important thing to remember in a duel?” asks Aramis.

“Honor?” replies D’Artagnan.

‘Not getting killed!” answers Porthos. “Biting, kicking, gouging. . . it’s all good.”

“I was raised to fight like a gentleman . . . ,” retorts D’Artagnan.

“Were you raised to die young?!” questions Aramis.

I realized that is exactly what Greg would say.

I love this clip because the fencers stay engaged, use real fighting techniques and use the grappling and close quarters contact that I’ve been learning.

Enjoy . . .

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