Saturday Sword and Buckler

Today was a great day. Any day I get to sword fight is a great day.

I couldn’t wait to meet with the group this morning. Over the last four weeks I’ve treated about 20 patients with COVID-19, this makes over 400 patients in total in the last 18 months.

And, with all this excitement, I got sick with the Delta variant strain of COVID-19 two weeks ago. This is my second round in 18 months. I got sick after being exposed to some of the passengers returning off of one of the original cruise lines that got quarantined in April 2020 when the virus was first discovered. Two weeks ago I was down with the variant strain, but was back up on my feet in 3 days.

There are over 160 + variants that we already know about. This virus isn’t going away, and it will seasonally rear it’s ugly little head each year. Thankfully, I’ve been able to to keep all my patients out of the hospital with diet and my protocol.

Needless to say, I wasn’t up to sword fighting until today. And, today was glorious.

Greg took us back to the basics of sword and buckler – actually long rapier and buckler. Long rapiers are superb for thrusting, but the length and weight make cutting and brandishing very inefficient. So, today was essentially thrusting to perfection while guarding with a buckler.

Here are some of the highlights of today’s sparing. Enjoy!

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