Life’s Truths Identified by the Wielding of a Sword

It’s been a long, but exciting week. I spent the first three days of the week in Houston, Texas. I attended and advanced ultrasound training course. I’m now officially certified to do ultrasounds in the office.

Ultrasound is amazing technology that is non-invasive and profoundly effective for in office examinations. This way I can take care of my patient’s in the office faster and have the results at my fingertips without having to rely upon outside facilities to do these tests.

I spend between 14-16 hours a day working, charting, answering calls and filling out paperwork 5 days per week. I am on call most weekends as well. This, sadly, can make a person a one trick pony. So, adding in these additional procedures helps expand my scope of knowledge and makes the long hours enjoyable.

What, also, helps is having some non-medical hobbies and activities . . . like sword fighting. . .

Went to sword fighting this morning and had a wonderful time. We took lots of video. As I was reviewing the video, it occurred to me that sword fighting forces one to quickly learn the lessons of life.

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