Saturday Sword and Buckler

Today was a great day. Any day I get to sword fight is a great day. I couldn't wait to meet with the group this morning. Over the last four weeks I've treated about 20 patients with COVID-19, this makes over 400 patients in total in the last 18 months. And, with all this excitement, … Continue reading Saturday Sword and Buckler

Truly Living

What does it mean to truly live?  This has been a question on my mind for the last ten years.  My conscious and subconscious have chewed up on this question so much that at times I’ve felt like a cow, ruminating upon its cud. Part of this “chewing” has involved trial and error, success and … Continue reading Truly Living

Life’s Truths Identified by the Wielding of a Sword

It's been a long, but exciting week. I spent the first three days of the week in Houston, Texas. I attended and advanced ultrasound training course. I'm now officially certified to do ultrasounds in the office. Ultrasound is amazing technology that is non-invasive and profoundly effective for in office examinations. This way I can take … Continue reading Life’s Truths Identified by the Wielding of a Sword

Saber and Rapier Training

I look forward to Saturdays. They decompress me. This Saturday was not different. Our focus this last weekend was getting inside the opponent's striking range and consistent strikes while conserving energy. Greg is a fantastic teacher. See one, do one, teach one is the approach. We start with sabers. Notice a couple things. First, look … Continue reading Saber and Rapier Training