Saber and Rapier Training

I look forward to Saturdays. They decompress me. This Saturday was not different.

Our focus this last weekend was getting inside the opponent’s striking range and consistent strikes while conserving energy.

Greg is a fantastic teacher. See one, do one, teach one is the approach.

We start with sabers. Notice a couple things. First, look at the pace and tempo of saber fighting versus rapier fighting.

Second, fighting with two hands takes a significant amount of concentration, focus coordination.

My thought for the day . . .

If you are struggling, I admire you.  Celebrate every single victory, no matter how small. Learn from every failure, do not judge yourself in the struggle. Ask yourself, what did I learn from this today?  Ask with every inch, every pound, every step. Your own courage and love will fuel your soul to take another step – celebrating the victory, learning from the failure. Before you know it, your struggle will be a distant memory.  This I promise. 

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