Washington Plucks Christmas Victory from Defeat

Just before the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the various colonies had sent delegates to Philadelphia to discuss the situation. This body was called the First Continental Congress. In May,1775, the Second Continental Congress met. It was only a body of delegates, but it became the government of the league of colonies and elected George Washington … Continue reading Washington Plucks Christmas Victory from Defeat

Preparing for a Remarkable Future

We live in a remarkable time of turmoil, fear and unknown. Yet, if all that the prophets, both ancient and modern tell us is true, it is a time of great anticipation, and indescribably grandeur. You and I can experience great happiness, excitement and anticipation over the next few years by being prepared. President Russel … Continue reading Preparing for a Remarkable Future

It Has to be Used . . .

There is an old Jewish tale about a soap maker who did not believe in God. One day as he was walking with a rabbi, he said, “There is something I cannot understand. We have had religion for thousands of years. But everywhere you look there is evil, corruption, dishonesty, injustice, pain, hunger, and violence. … Continue reading It Has to be Used . . .

Sunday Evening By the Pond

It was a very nice evening.  The weather cooled down to a nice 87 degrees with a cool breeze that made sitting on the porch watching the animals quite nice. My wife is recovering from surgery and finally felt like sitting outside.  Every once in a while, we let the horses graze the backyard with … Continue reading Sunday Evening By the Pond

The Doc & The Horse at McDowell Mountain Fun Ride

One of the most relaxing things I have found over the years, is spending time with my family and my horse out of doors. Each year the American Endurance Ride Conference and the Arabian Horse Association sponsors a number of Endurance Rides around the state of Arizona.  This weekend was the "Lead, Follow or Get … Continue reading The Doc & The Horse at McDowell Mountain Fun Ride