The Loyal Order of the Sword – “Castle Battle”

Over the last few years, my wife, daughter and I have begun fencing and sword fighting [Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Style] with an emphasis on crossover martial arts and street fighting. Our group is The Loyal Order of the Sword here in the Phoenix area.

Sword fighting has been one of the best things I have ever done to find both recreation and tremendous stress relief to my busy job and lifestyle.

I cannot tell you how much I look forward every week to sparing with my sword-master, Greg, and the other members of our group.

And, I have to say, I have now seen a whole different and exciting side of sexy while watching my wife wield a saber and bucker against her opponent.

Below is a recent “Castle Battle” I participated in with the group. We found an empty parking garage and essentially played “King of the Hill.” Nothing comes close to making me feel like a 12 year old boy again. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed fighting.

Note: These are real swords (unsharpened) being used by trained swordsmen (and swordswomen) and can cause significant bodily harm, injury, laceration and death. You should not attempt this at home without proper training and armor under a controlled environment.

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