The Training Continues

I have been busy this last month and between work, life and the excessive temperatures of up to 115 degrees, I haven’t been able to record as much video as I’d like. However, I’ve got some good video of many of the Loyal Order of the Sword students working with Greg, our Sword Master.

Below is a compilation of those of us crazy enough to train in the heat of Arizona in full gear. These are those people who really love fencing and have a great desire to perfect this martial art.

I didn’t get to capture all the students over the last month, but I got some highlights. I woke up at 4 am this morning thinking about this and figured I might as well put all this video together.

Our focus over the last month has been footwork, thrusting and learning to conserve energy when fatigued while still successfully fighting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a glimpse of our training. . .

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