Pond Progress

The aquaponics Koi pond is progressing . . . slowly.  I could get so much more done if people didn’t get sick and have to be seen.  Although, I’d be out of a job.

Pond progress 030815

I coaxed my son into helping me with the concrete.  We placed and poured the concrete into the retaining wall.  I started pre-setting the cinder-block for the waterfall and the grow bed.

pond progress 2 030815

We used re-bar and concrete and it worked quite nicely.  The boss was pleased.

pond progress 4 030815

Because we have ducks, I am afraid there will be no way to keep them out of the pond, so I need to add a swirl filter for the heavy waste that will come out of the bottom drain.  I did a great deal of reading and I think a simple design like this one from http://koi-bito.com will work.

55 gallon swirl filter design

I dug the swirl filter location out yesterday and purchased a nice new 55 gallon drum and have my hole saw at the ready.

pond progress 5 030815

pond progress 6 030815

The dogs have been helping as much as they can.  They are on 24/7 gopher duty. They’ve also been helping to keep my level floor less than level by digging holes and burring bones while I’m at work.

Next step is to place the swirl filter and the skimmer and set the water level.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have my liner in by next week.  We’ll see.  Have a great weekend.

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