Something About Being On Horseback . . .

It has been a nice quite weekend.  I was under the weather and left work early Thursday . . . slept most of Friday. Woke this morning feeling a bit better.  The fresh rain-washed air this morning was very helpful.  We’ve had scattered showers of rain over the last few days.  We had a nice drizzle this morning, and this after noon, the clouds broke.

It was a perfect chance to take the horses for a walk.  Riding a horse somehow makes you feel like you are riding the clouds in the sky.


It’s amazing how beautiful the clouds can be when they scatter the sunshine.  The new rule in our house . . . when your feeling down, saddle up.


We got a little sprinkle while on our walk.  But there’s nothing like a horseback ride framed by a rainbow.


Lord forbid, that when I go to heaven there aren’t any horses there. . . No hour of the day is ever wasted in the saddle.

I have found that most of the good sense in the world is found in children and horses.

In the words of Rudyard Kipling, “Four things greater than all things are, Women, Horses, Power and War.”

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