Aquaponics . . . Just BIGGER!

I’ve always wanted a Koi Pond, so after experimenting with my small aquaponics system, I’ve decided to go big.  I’m going to try to keep a pictoral record of the construction progress of my full sized aquaponics koi pond.  I’ve been researching this for the last two years and started digging last month . . . little on the digging each week when I have a chance.

Here are the first few pictures of the progress on the Koi Pond:

Koi Pond

The pond is about 10 feet wide and 28 feet long with a maximal dept of about 3 1/2 feet.

Koi Pond & Dogs

My dogs have been helping . . .

Koi Pond East View

The digging is now done.  Next stage is to place the skimmer, waterfall and filtration systems.  I will build some lifted grow beds that will sit along side of the pond to help with filtration . . .

It has been quite the project thus far. More to follow . . .

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